(TVO) Physical Therapist Supervisor/Lead

ID: 23754689
Location: San Francisco , CA - US
Practice Type: Group
Salary: $90,000 to $100,000
Duration: Permanent
Contact: Melissa Englert    Call: 480-729-2300
Posted: 11/22/2022

Reports to Practice Manager

Job Overview

Responsible for overall management of clinic. Implements and enforces clinic policies and procedures. Retains professional and administrative responsibility for all personnel providing clinic services. Provides patient care.

Responsibilities and Duties include but are not limited to:

Facility Management

  • Functions as a cooperative, active member of the health care leadership team
  • Fosters an environment of collaboration, professionalism, patient/colleague safety, quality care and continuous improvement
  • Assumes responsibility for continued professional growth and development in both clinical and leadership skills
  • Maintains clinical and operational competencies which allows leadership by example and mentoring
  • Oversees appropriate implementation and employee compliance with all policies and procedures; ensures confidentiality of patient information and security of records
  • Leads and promotes collaboration among staff to achieve clinical and business outcomes
  • Manages key clinical metrics, holds therapists accountable and in conjunction with ACS develops and implements improvement plans when operating outside the targets
  • Works in collaboration with ACS to develop and implement action plans to address gaps in performance and growth of individual clinic
  • Builds team rapport and effectiveness by inspiring confidence and being a positive influence on others. Works proactively to solve problems, making effective decisions and being open to new ideas, procedures and systems.
  • Maintains and promotes effective relationships with physicians and other healthcare providers who utilize services of the clinic
  • Participates in the development and implementation of programs and services at individual clinic.
  • Ensures mechanisms are in place to evaluate and improve the satisfaction of patients, physicians and employees and ensures timely review and corrective action pertaining to any grievances
  • Represents the clinic professionally, is approachable and compassionate and demonstrates willingness to meet customer needs


  • Assures staffing is adequate to meet patient needs.
  • Oversees hiring process assuring candidate selected possesses appropriate qualifications and is a good fit with the team
  • Participates in training and orientation to acclimate new personnel; creates good first impression and commands attention and respect
  • Delegates and/or assigns responsibility and authority clearly and effectively providing clear direction and guidance and establishing priorities
  • Motivates staff, provides praise and constructive feedback and counsels poor performance. Mentors and develops staff for success and retention. Elicits high levels of productivity
  • Periodically audits medical records, patient charges and documentation for compliance to federal regulations
  • Completes performance evaluations on all employees yearly and effectively outlines goals and performance expectations clearly

Patient Care

  • Maintain a patient treatment schedule consistent with the needs of the department
  • Provides evaluation and examination including patient’s medical history, tests and measures strength, range of motion, balance and coordination, posture, muscle performance, respiration and motor function
  • Plans and prepares treatment plans describing a strategy, purpose and anticipated outcomes
  • Administers manual exercises, application of physical agents (ultrasound, electric stimulation) massage and traction
  • Evaluates effects of treatment at various stages and adjusts treatments to achieve maximum benefit often conferring with physician and other practitioners
  • Teaches patients to use assistive and adaptive devices and instructs on at-home exercises
  • Documents evaluations, daily treatment notes, monthly progress notes and discharge summaries timely and completely
  • Records treatment charges daily and completes charge tickets in an accurate and timely manner
  • Discharges patients when goals or projected outcomes have been attained and provide appropriate follow-up care or referrals
  • Provides to Practice Management/Director of Rehabilitation a list of equipment, supplies and resources needed for appropriate care


  • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills dealing with a diverse range of people
  • Ability to work collaboratively and make appropriate decisions
  • Ability to act with integrity regarding all matters
  • Ability to exercise a high degree of initiative and independent judgement in solving problem


  • BS, MS or DPT degree


  • 3-5 years’ experience as licensed therapist


  • Current license as a Physical Therapist in appropriate state

Physical Abilities

  • Standing, walking and/or continuously moving around
  • Kneeling, stooping, crouching, crawling or working in other unusual physical positions
  • Dexterity and eye-hand coordination to provide patient care
  • Visual ability to monitor instruments and computers, recognize colors and observe physical characteristics
  • Physical ability to react/respond quickly in emergencies

Special Skills

  • Working knowledge of computer programs
  • Thorough knowledge of state practice act, physical therapy principles and practices
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills; ability to communicate effectively with physicians, staff, patients and families